The Indiana Kiwanis Foundation, Inc and the Indiana District of Kiwanis are excited to announce a $200 grant to the first-time attendees (up to 100) of the Kiwanis International Convention (ICON) at Indianapolis (June 8th – 11th, 2022).  

The registration opens midnight March 21st. Closes at midnight May 2nd.


– A member of Indiana District of Kiwanis and in a good standing

– Never attended ICON in the past

– Registered to ICON  (Must be either of following options)

  • 3-DAY VALUE PACKAGE ($399)

– Complete the First-Timer ICON Attendee Grant ($200) Registration
(Open midnight March 21st. close at midnight May 2nd.)

How the grant will be awarded

1. The selection process will be held on May 9th, and recipients will be notified by May 16th via email.

2. First-round selection: One eligible member per club

3. If there is more grant available, second-round: Second eligible applicant from a club

4. The rounds will continue until all grants are exhausted

*All selection will be based on first come, first serve

How the grant will be given

The $200 check will be handed in person: 

  • 3-DAY VALUE PACKAGE: At the Indiana seat section of the Kiwanis Annual Meeting (Saturday).
  • EDUCATION AND LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE ONLY: At the Indiana District House of Delegates (Friday)

    (The grant recipient must be present to receive the check. No exception)

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